Hey I’m Rotem, a User Experience Designer (and a photographer). I’m a big picture thinker and I believe that design can change the way people thinking. I do that by designing and creating with attention to not only how things look but also what they actually say.

Please enjoy my portfolio which combines between projects I did as a freelancer and as a member team. There are a bunch of good things!


Shenakar college of Engineering & DesignBachelor of Design – Visual Communication (BA)NetcraftDesign and User Experience Design (Diploma)




Jerusalem Pride // April 2014Got to the finalist on the DESIGN AWARD competition. Creative Director, Design and Project Management. Making Jerusalem Pride 2013 was a big challenge. In one hand we want to keep on the special vibe of having a pride in Jerusalem, and the other hand we want to calling for a change thinking.Renew Brand Design Gesher Theater // May 2010 Won THIRD PLACE by rebranding the Gesher Theater’s corporate identity design.Leading Poster to the 15th Memorial Day for Yitzhak Rabin // November 2010 The poster played a central role in the national commemorative activities, was sent to schools and displayed in a variety of relevant public venues.


Imagination // February 2016Israel, Tel-Aviv. Group Exhibition.  link Art And About // August 2015Germany, Munich. Group Exhibition.  linkImagination // February 2015Israel, Tel-Aviv. Group Exhibition.  link White Night // July 2011Israel, Tel-Aviv. Group Exhibition.  link



How is it all start?

At the age of 16, I found a metal box belonging to my father. When I opened the box, I discovered a faded collection of old color photographs capturing moments and memories from his past. 

Finding that treasure trove of nostalgia is what inspires and drives me to create my own stories. Using my father’s analogy camera, a Cannon A1, it was clear for me it’s only the beginning of creation at my life.

It’s led me after six years to begin my studying for my BA in Visual Communication Studies at Shenkar College, with a major in Printing.